Our Story

More than a Bottle

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A Simple Problem

“I must have gone through thousands of plastic bottles growing up.” Everything changed for our founder Matt when he got his first reusable bottle. It felt so good to do his share for the environment that he started gifting bottles to his co-workers. But there was more work to be done...

Taking Action

We began a relentless journey to empower others to protect the environment and 9 months later, NOTA was born. Beginning with just four (4) sets of reusable straws, our vision finally came to life with NOTA Bottle.

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Our Mission

Every NOTA Bottle does 2 things: 

1) Takes harmful plastic out of the environment.

2) Helps a family get access to clean water. A portion of your purchase will be donated to a charity that is fighting to end the global water crisis. That's why it's NOTA Bottle, because it's so much more.

Our Values

We're committed to helping you Live Balanced in 4 key ways.

Physically - When we care for our bodies, we have more energy, strength, and confidence to go out and impact the world around us.

Mentally - Knowledge makes us more powerful. We're committed to helping you learn how to better care for yourself and the environment.

Spiritually - We believe in loving our neighbor as ourselves, so when others hurt, we hurt. That's why we donate a portion of our proceeds to helping families across the globe get access to clean drinking water.

Environmentally - Our products empower you to protect our environment by replacing harmful papers and plastics with reusable materials.